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Juvenile Law And Parents’ Main Concerns

At Dearie, Fischer & Martinson LLC, we understand the concerns that parents face when they learn their child has been arrested or is under investigation for breaking the law. Aside from immediate concerns of protecting the child’s safety and privacy, parents can worry that their child’s future could be impacted by a troubling legal record. Our experienced attorneys have helped thousands of juvenile clients and their parents with defense strategies that protect the child’s rights during any investigation and court proceedings, and minimize the problems an arrest can have on a child’s future.

Helping Minors Understand Their Rights

In Ohio, a juvenile, or minor, is any person under the age of 18. The juvenile court is a separate arm of the legal system, and juvenile court rules and procedures differ somewhat from the adult court. However, it is important to know that a juvenile still has many of the same rights as adults when faced with an arrest or investigation. Minors do not have to answer any questions from the police or investigators. If a minor is in a situation where police are questioning him or her, the child can clearly state, “I want to talk to a lawyer,” and all questions will then cease until a meeting with an attorney can be arranged.

Let Us Talk To Police And Investigators

Once we have the go-ahead to serve as your lawyer or your child’s lawyer, we can immediately begin to find out more about your case, the charges against the child, and any evidence the police have. From our experience, we know how to gain valuable information right away. We can talk to the police and find out what they know and what witnesses may be saying. Allowing us to talk to the police, you can be assured that your child will be protected from the possibility of saying something to police that could lead to further trouble with the law. Additionally, talking to the police can be very upsetting for a child. You and your child can be assured that an experienced attorney can talk to the police for you. Once you hire an attorney, a relationship known as “attorney-client privilege” is set up. This privilege allows the juvenile to talk to the attorney in strictest confidence, and allows the attorney to speak to others on the child’s behalf.

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Guiding Juveniles Through The Legal Process

We know that being thrown into the court system can be scary even for adults. It is important to note, however, that there are some differences in the way juveniles are treated in the eyes of the law. We have years of experience helping juveniles understand the legal process on their own level. We help minors and their parents remain calm and make solid decisions that will help the child achieve the best outcome for his or her case, and restore peace to their lives.

Our Experience Will Help Put Your Mind At Ease

Juvenile courts move cases through rather quickly, so it is important that the child’s lawyer move swiftly in developing a defense strategy for the child. Our lawyers have many years of experience in assisting juvenile defendants, and can get started quickly in working toward a resolution of the charges against the child.

If you or your child are in need of legal defense, contact our firm today to schedule a free initial phone consultation. We can be reached at our Lebanon office at 513-932-5529 and our Beavercreek office by calling 937-306-6402. We proudly serve juvenile clients throughout Butler, Warren, Montgomery, Greene and Hamilton counties.