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Concealed Weapons Charge in Ohio? Your Rights and Responsibilities.

Ohioans are allowed by law to openly carry weapons without a permit. A license for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) allows the carrier to conceal firearms, under regulations designed for the safety of the gun owner, law enforcement officials, and the general public.

But the Ohio Concealed Carry Law is detailed and complex, and can sometimes cause difficulties for gun owners who violate these laws unintentionally.

Teen Driving in Ohio: What you need to know before your teen gets behind the wheel.

Parents have a lot of questions when their teen reaches driving age. While many things about seeing your child get behind the wheel for the first time may be fraught with worries and complications, educating yourself about teen driving law can help to ease your mind. While parents' primary concern is that their teens avoid getting in serious accidents, they are of course also concerned about avoiding traffic tickets and license suspensions for the younger drivers in their household.

Teen Driving in Ohio Know the DOs and DONTs.jpg

Ohio Distracted Driving Tickets: Not Just for Texting Anymore

When Ohio troopers say they intend to hand out an increased number of distracted driving citations, we're here to tell you:  they mean it.  In our practice in Warren, Butler, Montgomery, and Greene Counties, Dearie, Fischer & Mathews has seen an increased number of distracted driving citations -- and not just for texting.

How to Handle Traffic Stops While Transporting Firearms

Most gun owners are conscientious about following the rules for transporting a weapon, and have nothing to fear if pulled over by a police officer, as long as they are not in violation of any other laws. But what do you need to know about traffic stops while you are transporting firearms?

How to handle traffic stops when transporting firearms Call Dearie Fischer & Mathews attorneys with help after a traffic citation.jpeg


Ohio gun owners in Warren, Butler, Montgomery, and Greene counties should be aware of OVI laws and the circumstances where an OVI conviction can affect your access to firearms in southwest Ohio. If you run into trouble, call us and we can help make sure your gun rights are protected.

Drug Searches Expected with K-9 Unit for Lebanon Schools in Warren County Ohio

Police dog Ohio Schools Call Dearie Fischer Mathws if your juvenile has had a locker or other personal belongings searched.jpeg

How Does the Use of a K-9 Detection Dog Affect Your Rights Regarding Search and Seizure Protections in Ohio law?  Jim Dearie explains.

Firearms Restrictions with Domestic Violence Charges in Ohio

Ohioans convicted of felony or misdemeanor crimes of Domestic Violence face a possible lifetime restriction on the possession, purchase, sale, or transport of firearms.

Major Change in Ohio Self-Defense Cases for Criminal Defendants

In a new law that has repercussions for gun owners and for criminal defendants, Ohio has changed how the law views an act of self defense in criminal cases.


Marijuana is now legally approved in Ohio for medicinal purposes. But are you aware of the consequences of using marijuana outside of its approved forms? Read about these six common myths that get can get you into trouble with marijuana in Ohio.


Charged with Criminal Domestic Violence in Ohio? Some things you need to know.

We understand that you are in a difficult situation the moment you are charged with Domestic Violence. Your reputation suffers immediate harm; you will likely be arrested and placed in jail until you obtain a hearing in Court; you will likely be placed under a Temporary Restraining Order, potentially barring you from contact with loved ones and keeping you from your home.

In my more than 25 years of practicing law, I have represented clients in hundreds of Domestic Violence cases in Ohio. Most of these cases involve the alleged violence of a boyfriend or husband against a girlfriend or wife, but reverse cases are on the rise. Also frequent are other family members and relationships becoming involved in domestic violence situations.


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