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Expungement and Sealing of Juvenile Records in Ohio

After conviction, many people seek to have their records sealed or expunged. Sealing and Expunging are processes that remove your record from public view.


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This article deals with the sealing and expunging of Juvenile records in Ohio.

To read more about sealing and expunging adult criminal records, read our article "New Expungement Law in Ohio:  What You Should Know".

Can a Domestic Violence Record Be Expunged in Ohio?

Having a domestic violence charge or conviction  on your record can be a major inconvenience even many years after the incident has passed. In addition to the jail or prison time that can be levied, domestic violence convictions can also carry long term blocks on your gun rights, as well as social consequences, such as difficulty getting some jobs or gaining admission to certain schools. For these reasons, clients sometimes ask us if a domestic violence conviction be expunged.

New Expungement Law in Ohio: What You Should Know for 2019

At Dearie, Fischer & Mathews, LLC, we know that good people make mistakes, which can sometimes land them in Court and even in jail or prison. Unfortunately, even after you have paid your debt to society, a charge or conviction on your record can complicate many aspects of your life, including getting a new job, obtaining certain professional licenses, obtaining housing, and gaining admission to schools.

The good news is that in many cases, there are ways that these records can be sealed.

In October of 2018, may new changes were made to expand expungement opportunies for those convicted of felonies or misdemeanors in Ohio.

Can I refuse to take a chemical test after an OVI arrest?

When you hear the blare of sirens and look up to see flashing police lights in your rearview mirror, it can be a nerve-wracking moment. Winding up in handcuffs, placed under arrest on suspicion of operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), can add to the confusion. There might be so many thoughts running through your mind that it’s hard to keep everything straight.

Having a good understanding of what the law allows can be helpful, particularly when it comes to chemical tests. Do you have to offer a blood sample if an officer asks? And what happens if you refuse?

Ohio Expungement - Could Get Easier Under Proposed Law

If passed, proposed Ohio Senate Bill 160 would make expungements available for crimes that are currently not elligible for expungment.  The proposed bill could give more people an opportunity to put their criminal past behind them, and move forward with a fresh start.

Ohio Expungements put your past behind you Call Dearie Fischer and Mathews Ohio expungement lawyers.jpeg

This article explores the proposals now under consideration in the Ohio Legislature.  For a more detailed understanding of the current Expungement law that went into effect in October of 2018, read our article, "New Expungement Law in Ohio:  What You Should Know," (published on September 30, 2019).

Cincinnati Decriminalizes Pot Possession - Other Marijuana Laws Still Apply

How Will the New Cincinnati Pot Law Affect You?

Cincinnati City Council has voted to decriminalize the possession of marijuana within the city limits.

Replacing the city's previous ordinance on marijuana, the new minor misdemeanor for possession of cannabis will carry no jail time, fines, or criminal record as long as you possess less than 100 grams (roughly 3.5 ounces). While marijuana penalties throughout the state have been eased in recent years, the removal of a criminal record for possession could be the biggest development, as a record of criminal drug use can have very negative effects for your job and your future.

What does this new law mean for residents and visitors of Cincinnati and the surrounding municiplaities, townships, and counties?

Improperly Furnishing Firearms to a Minor in Ohio

Can minors purchase or own firearms? 
What are the penalties for Improperly Furnishing Firearms to a Minor? 

Ohio Weapons lawyers firearms minors Dearie Fischer Mathews.jpeg

Responsible gun owners are often very enthusiastic about about helping youth to learn the safe and proper use of firearms.

Failure to follow the laws around furnishing weapons to minors could result in serious fines and even a jail or prison term, for both the minors and the adult who furnishes them with guns.

Using Weapons While Intoxicated in Ohio

Ohio has relatively broad laws permitting firearms as compared to other states. As with any dangerous tool, however, ownership of a firearm comes with rules and responsibilities for the owner. One of which, as with motor vehicles, is the imperative that you not use your weapon while intoxicated.

Penalties for using firearms while intoxicated

Using weapons along with drugs or alcohol is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

The use of a firearm while intoxicated could carry a penalty of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine depending on the circumstances.

However, if a law enforcement officers makes additional charges stemming from the same incident, such as OVI, possession of drugs, or probation violations, you may find yourself charged with a felony (serious crimes that carry a penalty of a year in prison or more).


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