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Obtaining a limited license after an OVI conviction

If a court convicts you of an OVI in Ohio, your punishment can include a driver’s license suspension. The suspension length depends on the offense’s severity and your previous history.

Losing your license can make it difficult to get around and live your life. Fortunately, you can apply for a limited license.

License suspensions

In general, license suspensions tend to be shorter for first-time offenders and longer if you have multiple OVIs. Having a higher blood alcohol concentration or other drugs in your system can lead to a longer suspension. In addition, if you refuse testing, you can face harsher punishments.

Driving with a suspended license could cause further legal issues. Therefore, you should consider applying for a limited license if you receive an OVI and need to drive.

Limited licenses

Many states, including Ohio, allow people with driving offenses to use limited licenses that permit the use of a motor vehicle with restrictions. For example, the court can limit your driving routes and restrict you to driving at certain times. You might also have to use an ignition interlock device.

To obtain a limited license, you must explain why you need the ability to drive. For example, if you have to transport yourself to work or school, you might qualify. Parents who drive their children to school can apply for a limited license also. In addition, you might need a license to attend medical appointments and therapy, including addiction treatment.

A license suspension is a typical consequence when you receive an OVI conviction. However, you can restore some of your driving privileges by applying for a limited license.