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Is juvenile diversion an option as part of criminal defense?

For parents in Ohio whose child has gotten into some form of trouble with the law, the concept of juvenile justice will come to the forefront. It could be a drug charge, driving under the influence, a physical altercation or something more severe. Regardless of the allegations, it is imperative to understand the options available to juvenile offenders.

Juvenile diversion could be a wise alternative

Being put on probation is often a highly desirable way to avoid harsher consequences. Another good option is a juvenile diversion program. Drug charges are an example of a case that might qualify for diversion. A diversion program indicates that intervention was done to prevent an adjudication (or conviction). The diversion program is based on the best interests of the child and the public. If applicable, this is used instead of a formal court case.

Diversions may be available for a first-time offender; a juvenile who committed an act that would be a misdemeanor; or an ordinance violation. Diversion can apply to any case if the court sees fit. The child will be assessed for behavioral issues, evaluated and will receive services to address the behavior that led to the criminal act. There will be 90 days to complete the program, but it can be extended. The case will move forward as a criminal complaint if the diversion program is not successfully completed. If it is successfully completed, the child’s record is usually expunged.

Juveniles and parents should know how to combat criminal charges

Juveniles could have their entire lives upended with a criminal conviction. It is beneficial to do whatever possible to prevent the case from harming or ruining their ability to attend a secondary school, enter the military and get certain jobs. A juvenile diversion program is a way to achieve a good result. Having experienced and caring legal representation from the beginning can be a roadmap to reaching a constructive outcome.