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Helping You Protect Your Creative Work Via Trademark

Being creative is difficult, and as an artist, author or business leader you should be protected. At the law firm of Dearie, Fischer & Mathews LLC, our attorneys work with each individual client to develop a plan that efficiently protects your effort and hard work.

Offering Copyright And Trademark Services

There are a variety of legal tools at a client’s disposal, and our attorneys will counsel clients on the best strategies for realizing their individual objectives.

Our copyright and trademark services include:

  • Copyright searches and registrations
  • Trademark searches and registrations
  • Cease and desist notices
  • Litigation
  • Intellectual property portfolio management
  • Social media counsel

At Dearie, Fischer & Mathews LLC, we understand the sensitive and personal nature of creative planning. Protecting your creative work is like protecting a part of yourself. We work efficiently, effectively and with respect in order to make sure your property is secure.

We Will Guide You Through Every Step

If you have work and ideas that need legal protection, contact us today. To schedule a free initial consultation with an intellectual property lawyer, call us at 513-932-5529 (Lebanon) or call our office (Beavercreek). We will give you the guidance and tools you need.