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How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Your Record Expunged?

One of the main changes in the new expungement law in Ohio is the criteria used in the law to determine how long after a conviction you can apply for expungement.  The time period starts after you finish the sentence from your conviction and any probation.  While the old law based the wait time on how many felonies you have, the new law uses the degree of the crime to determine when you can file an application to expunge.  ORC Section 2953.32 lists how long you must wait after finishing a sentence and probation for different types of crimes.  With some exceptions, if you wish to apply for an expungement in Ohio, you must wait:

  • 1 year after a misdemeanor, 4th degree felony, or 5th degree felony conviction
  • 3 years after a 3rd degree felony conviction
  • 7 years after a conviction of soliciting improper compensation
  • 1 year after a bail forfeiture

This is an excerpt from our article on Updated Expungement Laws in Ohio.  You can read the full update here.

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