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Is it possible to fight a speeding ticket?

Many Ohioans might think a speeding ticket is a minor infraction. And while it’s true that Ohio usually considers speeding a minor misdemeanor, the consequences can add up.


Penalties for speeding

Most people are aware that if you’re caught speeding, an officer will likely give you a fine. For first offenses, your ticket cannot exceed $150. However, the more often you speed, the higher the penalties will climb. For instance, if you commit continuous and subsequent speeding violations within a year of each other, you may face:

  • Up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $250 after three offenses
  • Up to 60 days in jail and a fine of $500 after four or more offenses

Penalties will also increase if an officer catches you speeding in construction zones or school zones when children are present.

The impact of a speeding ticket

If the fine is minimal enough, many people simply pay it and move on. However, you generally cannot get a speeding ticket expunged from your record. And while it’s only a minor misdemeanor after your first or second one, the more tickets you get, the more they may impact your life.

After enough speeding tickets, you might lose your driving privileges. Additionally, while employers cannot deny you the opportunity to interview for a job based on your criminal history, they can deny you the job offer based on the results of your background check. Especially if the job you’re applying for involves a significant amount of driving, you might struggle to find employment after racking up enough speeding tickets.

You can fight your ticket

Regardless of the number of speeding tickets you’ve received, you can challenge your ticket. Whether you can’t afford to pay the fine or you believe the ticket was given to you in error, it is your right to request a contested hearing.

Even if the fine is minor to you, 25% of speeding tickets are mistakenly issued. People often stand a good chance at fighting their speeding tickets and they don’t even realize it. You could save yourself a considerable amount of stress and money in fines and rising insurance rates by challenging your ticket.