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Expungement in Ohio

Sealing Your Record – Past Criminal Cases Don’t Have to Haunt You

If you have been convicted of a non-violent felony or misdemeanor, you may be able to wipe it off your record. The Ohio Revised Code provides for the sealing of a criminal record, also called expungement. The law sets out the rules and the process that must be followed when trying to seal your record. For example, before you can ask the Court to seal your record, there are time periods that you have to wait after your case has ended. You also must show the Court that you have been successfully rehabilitated, which usually means that you have kept out of trouble since your conviction. Once your record is sealed, no member of the public can access it. It is like your conviction never happened. To discuss the details of sealing your record through expungement, or to see if you qualify to have your record sealed, contact an attorney with Dearie, Fischer & Mathews today.


Article submitted by John Fischer.

John Fischer practices in the area of civil and criminal litigation, focusing on criminal defense, general business matters, and consumer credit litigation. Licensed in Ohio since 1997, John has extensive experience in handling complex litigation for individuals and businesses. He has litigated a wide variety of matters, including consumer debt and credit report litigation, employment issues, breach of contract matters, criminal issues, and complex class actions. Read John’s complete profile here.

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