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Mediation and Litigation Alternatives

As litigation costs continue to rise, many parties have found it more cost-effective to attempt to negotiate their disputes through mediation.  Mediation is the process by which a neutral mediator assists the parties to resolve their dispute amicably.  Mediation often saves parties time and money because it is conducted outside of the courtroom, with no judge or jury, and with few procedural or legal rules to follow.  Mediation is often preferred because the parties themselves control the terms of the resolution, rather than putting their fate in the hands of a judge or jury.

The attorneys of Dearie, Fischer & Mathews have mediated disputes ranging from commercial and consumer matter, to domestic relations cases.  We have had success in assisting parties to resolve their disputes without the time and cost of fully litigating a case through trial.  We take the time to truly understand not just the issues involved, but the motivations of the parties, to help them reach a resolution that both sides are comfortable with.

If you are seeking a mediator, then contact one of our attorneys for more information. 

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